Damh the Bard – Only Human

Isnt it crazy
Isnt it cruel

That a man can
Earn millions
From kicking
A ball

While for
Other countries
We roll
The dice

For a little
Clean water
And a bowl
Of rice

Politicians and
Empty promises
Help lessen
Our pain

Its only human

Isnt it wonderful
Isnt it right

Theres nothing
As worthless
As an animals

But it helps me
Feel better
When I
Feel ill

I cant taste
The pain
In this
Little pill

A thousand lives
Given to live
Just a few
More years

Its only human

Tear down
A forest for
Grass that
Wont grow

To help melt
The ice caps
To help melt
The snow

Well watch
The seas rise
With nowhere
To go

Its only human

Isnt is holy
Isnt it good

That people
Kill people
In the name
Of their God

A bomb for
A Father
A bullet for
A Son

And a smile
For the child
That carried
The gun

Only one God
Can be right
When all’s said
And done

Its only human

Its only human

Its only human


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